Albanian Gastronomy

“Choose Balkans” is a tourism project specialised in the incoming tourism toward the Western Balkans. Our aim is to support and promote adventure and geo tourism attractions that characterise the Balkan region.  

Since 2009 we have been offering to our western clients (mostly travellers coming from Central and Western Europe) the best flavours of a Balkan experience in cultural, historical and geo tourism. To achieve our goals we operate with traditional standards and values of the region, including direct customer contact and a high level of personalised customer service.
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Our Team

Award winning team with a passion for exploring nature.

  • Alban Pllaha

    Alban Pllaha

    Executive Manager.

  • Andi Memaj

    Andi Memaj

    Office Manager

  • Armando Hoxha

    Armando Hoxha

    Partnership Manager

  • Brikena Shametaj

    Brikena Shametaj

    Front Desk

  • Alban Pllaha
  • Andi Memaj
  • Armando Hoxha
  • Brikena Shametaj

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Where to find us

Blv. "Bajram Curri" Pallatet "1 Maji" 19/1,Tirana, Albania.