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We have been offering our services to our western clients (mostly travellers coming from Central and Western Europe) the best flavours of a Balkan experience in cultural, historical and geo tourism. To achieve our goals we operate with traditional standards and values of the region, including direct customer contact and a high level of personalised customer service.

Our Tour Guides

Our tour guides are carefully selected and we consider them a priceless asset of our company. They are either local tour guides with irreplaceable knowledge and experience of the region or professional tour guides who have studied and mastered their knowledge on the local culture.

Our Services

-Adventure & Sports (Rafting, Skiing, Paragliding, Mountain biking, scuba diving etc..)
- Cultural tours to Albania and West Balkans,
- Special interest tours to the region
- Beach Holidays
- Youth Holidays (keep on partying)
- Archaeology, Religion Coexistence, Communist era
- Tailored tours

Our partners:
We strongly believe that by supporting traditional family-run local businesses, we can contribute in creating a sustainable tourism environment that supports the local economies and helps preserving the valuable traditions and folk treasures of the Balkan region. Thus, we always rent quality busses/minibuses from locally owned service providers in Balkan countries. Our clients experience a truly local life experience throughout the entire tour. That’s mainly because we always collaborate with traditional local businesses such as; traditional restaurants, folk-clothes designers, folk music bands, handcrafters, handmaid carpets producers, local painters etc. whom not only offer unique products and services, but they offer these by adding the local flavours.

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Where to find us

Blv. "Bajram Curri" Pallatet "1 Maji" 19/1,Tirana, Albania.