Real Estate (New service in Choose Balkans)


In our everyday work we have a clear goal; to offer property owners the best opportunities to maximize the value of their property no matter whether their property is for sale or for rent.


We are highly conscious that our clients’ time is precious! Therefore we work hard to carefully select the appropriate property you want to buy or rent. When recommending you a property our objective is not to just offer a property that satisfies your expectations and requests but also a property that saves you time and money at the same time:

-       Property Selling/Buying on behalf of our clients (Apartments, Studios, Villas, Houses & Lands)

-       Rents (Apartments, Studios, Villas, Houses & Lands)

-       Property Management & Development


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Where to find us

Blv. "Bajram Curri" Pallatet "1 Maji" 19/1,Tirana, Albania.