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Day trip to Durrës – written by Michelle Weigold from The Great Wide Somewhere
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If you find yourself visiting Albania’s quirky capital in the heat of the summer, then you probably understand how hot it can get. As much fun as you may have exploring Tirana, it can be nice to get away for a weekend and cool off at the beach. This is where the relaxing beachside town […]


First (and second) time visiting Tirana – written by Sarah Driessen
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First attempt The first time me and my friend visited Albania was just for one day while we were in North Macedonia, back in 2015. Our tour operator offered this option so we thought why not. On our way to the capital, we also visited Elbasan, a smaller city nearby. Once we arrived in Tirana, […]


The most beautiful places in Croatia – written by Milena&Edwin from
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The Adriatic Sea is one of the reasons why we consider Croatia one of the most outstanding destinations in Europe. You can drive along the Adriatic Sea for hours and never get bored with the views. However, there are also many charming spots all over the country that you should include on your list if […]


Why do I keep going back to the Balkans? – written by Tim Tense
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My first introduction to the Balkans. The first time I set foot in the Balkans was in 2006. It was one of my first foreign trips with friends, we were supposed to go to Croatia but in the end we were forced to stay in Slovenia. The reason why we didn’t continue our trip to […]