5 days

This hiking tour program is properly tailored for explorers that are passionate in hiking, who love wild nature and lovely hidden pebble bays.

4 days

During these four days you will be spoiled with amazing views of Northern Albania, combining a variety of exciting outdoor activities with plenty of time to soak up the local culture.

1 day

This tour offers an exclusive and unforgettable experience of visiting the beautiful Albanian Riviera. You will discover unexplored beaches, hidden pebble bays, isolated old churches and hidden caves.

1 day

Komani Lake offers spectacular views of the Albanian Alps, waterfalls, rural villages and wild forests. Kayaking through the lake will be a once in a lifetime adventure.

1 day

A place this spectacular can’t stay a secret for long: Shala River has its springs from melting snow of the Albanian Alps. The transparency of the water creates a vivid palette of colors.

2 days

There is no better way to explore the Albanian Alps than by ferry, boat, and kayak. This two-day tour heads into some of the most rural areas with jaw-dropping sceneries.
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