Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina tour in eight days

Departure Date

01 Jan - 31 Dec


8 days



Maximum Seats


Epic journeys

Professional tour guide
Transport provided by the company
Hotel pick up and drop off in Dubrovnik
BB for seven overnights
Entry tickets for the ''will be visited'' sites
Tourist taxes
Road taxes

Surround yourself with the beautiful nature around Skadar lake, go back in history while walking through the old streets in Budva and admire the breath-taking Stari Most bridge on this 8-day tour of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. All three countries have their own characteristics and charm, from big metropolitan cities (2 UNESCO) to rural villages in national parks.

Tour Overview

Day 1

Dubrovnik (Croatia) (UNESCO) - Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Mostar

Our professional tour guide will come and pick you up at your hotel in Dubrovnik at 9:00 am to begin our tour through three fascinating but very different countries. Dubrovnik used to compete with Venice as a trading port, having huge strong city walls that were built between the 11th and 17th century. Nowadays the city is more famous for being the setting of Game of Thrones, more specifically the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing! This is said to be the world’s best-preserved medieval city, reason enough for it to be an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. The city is also full of markets, bazaars, cafes, bars and restaurants creating a pleasant atmosphere. We will leave Croatia and begin our tour towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first destination for today is the village of Medjugorje. The church of St. James is the symbol of this village, with its two towers and at the entrance the Statue of Our Lady. The name of the place, Medjurgorje, means "between mountains" and is located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At around 12:30, you will have some free time on every day of the tour to enjoy a tasty lunch and explore the places by yourself until 14:00. We will also visit the Via Domini, meaning “The Way of the Lord”. The Via Domini is a pathway existing out of mosaics that represent the story of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, illustrating the life of Jesus. After this, we will continue our visit of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mostar. Overnight in Mostar.
Day 2

Mostar – Cetinje (Montenegro)

Before we leave Bosnia and Herzegovina and cross the border to Montenegro, we will have a city tour of Mostar. Here we will, of course, visit the iconic Old Bridge also known as Stari Most, part of UNESCO world heritage and built in a typical Islamic architectural style in the 16th century. We will also wander through the Old Bazaar with its colourful streets and lively atmosphere. The city has stones with “Don’t Forget” all around the city, commemorating the city’s history. Mostar combines the old with the new, which you will notice while wandering through the streets. We will also visit the Blagaj monastery, a little bit outside of the city, on the foot of a cliff with beautiful blue waters in front of it. Arriving in Montenegro, we will go to Cetinje, near Lovcen National Park, where you can find something interesting to visit in every corner of the street. Cetinje has been replaced with Podgorica as the capital of Montenegro, but culture and history have remained. The city offers an exclusive glimpse in the Balkan life before the First World War began. We will make a walk through the city to see the fascinating architecture. We will visit the Cetinje monastery and the Court Church on Cipur, which was dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady. The monastery and church seem to have the same kind of style, but there are centuries full of history between the two. As we walk through the historical center of Cetinje, we will also get a taste of the authentic atmosphere in the city created by the old buildings. Overnight in Cetinje.
Day 3

Cetinje – Podgorica

From Cetinje, we will continue our tour to the present-day capital of Montenegro, where we explore the city’s most important attractions. The city got largely destroyed during the Second World War, so most of the city is quite new. One of the attractions, however, is the old neighbourhood of Podgorica, which has 400 years of history, being the former centre of an Ottoman Turkish town. We will visit the Dajbabe Monastery, which is remarkable for having a church inside a cave. Not to be missed, after 20 years of construction, we will be able to visit the Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection. This is an impressive Serbian Orthodox cathedral with white stone towers and golden crosses on top. Overnight in Podgorica.
Day 4

Podgorica – Niagara waterfalls – Lake Skadar National Park – Place near the lake

Today we will explore the beautiful nature in Montenegro. We will make a stop at the Niagara waterfalls of Montenegro, near the capital, on our way to Skadar Lake. The water is coming from the Prokletije mountains, located near the border with Albania. The snow on top of these mountains melts during the spring and makes these beautiful waterfalls possible. Our next destination is Lake Skadar National Park, one of the largest national parks in Montenegro that even has the largest lake of the Balkan Peninsula with crystal-clear waters and water-lilies floating in it. The lake can be described as a dolphin, its tale and fins in Montenegro and its nose in Albania. The park also has a rich diversity in flora and fauna with high imposing mountains. Yet, the national park has more to offer than beautiful nature, because around the lake there are villages, churches, monasteries, fortresses as well as monuments – lots of possibilities. Overnight near Skadar Lake.
Day 5

Place near the lake – Sveti Stefan – Budva

After breakfast, we will drive towards Sveti Stefan, a fishing town on a small island near the coast. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the island anymore as it has turned into a five-star resort, but even while standing on the coast, Sveti Stefan is a sight for sore eyes – worthy of a picture. Our next destination is Budva, a popular tourist destination, famous for its beaches, gorgeous nature and old characteristic buildings. The city is separated between an old and new part. On the one hand, in the New Budva, there are many modern buildings, offices, shopping malls, restaurants and bars. On the other hand, in the Old Budva, there is the historical center and many sights to visit, such as the St. Ivan church, the small church of St. Mary and the Citadel, which we will visit on this tour. Overnight near the Adriatic Riviera.
Day 6

Budva – Kotor (UNESCO)

After a delicious breakfast, we will drive to Kotor, UNESCO world heritage city. We will wander through the maze of narrow, cobblestone streets crisscrossing the old town. This street plan seems quite chaotic, but it was created this way on purpose. The intention was to confuse intruders who came to plunder the town, while nowadays it characterizes the city. Make sure you pay attention to the old stone buildings and churches, while wandering through the alleys and the odd-shaped squares. Many of the old buildings and churches have small plaques on it with their dates of construction and original use. We will stop at the Saint Tryphon cathedral, which is one of the only two Roman cathedrals in the city. The Saint Tryphon relics are kept inside the cathedral. Yet, these relics were destined to arrive in Dubrovnik but ended up in Kotor. Next to the Saint Tryphon cathedral, the Saint Luke’s church can easily be missed as it is a lot smaller, but of great significance for the locals because it represents unity to them. We will also walk to the San Giovanni fortress from which we will have an amazing view over the city. On our way to the top, we will pass by ruins of military buildings and a church from the 15th century. Overnight in Kotor.
Day 7

Kotor – Kotor serpentine road – Rural village – Lovcen National Park - Tivat

Today we will go from the bustling city to the rural area of Montenegro. We will drive over the famous Kotor serpentine road, a zigzag road near Kotor with 25 serpentines. From the top, you can see the Boka Bay as well as the sea – a spectacular view. The road leads to a small rural village, located on the slopes of Mount Lovcen and on the other side of Lovcen National Park. The village has only 50 houses and a population of 200 people. They produce their own famous prosciutto, cheeses and natural mountain honey. We will learn more about the production process and have a chance to taste some of their delicious homemade products. We will continue our tour to Lovcen National Park. This park is said to be “the heart of Montenegro”, while it is in the south of the country. On top of Mount Lovcen, there is a terrace that gives an epic view of the black mountains. Locals even say that you can see the whole country from this point. Petar Petrovic Njegoš last wish was to be buried on top of Mount Lovcen and in 1925 his wishes were honoured. Njegoš stopped most of Montenegro from surrendering to the Turkish attacks in the 19th century and he wrote poetry and literature of importance to the country. We will explore the beauty of the park by walking through the stunning nature surrounded by the mountain peaks. Our last destination for today is Tivat. Overnight in Tivat.
Day 8

Tivat – Dubrovnik (Croatia) (UNESCO)

After breakfast, before we will go back to Croatia, we will have a city tour of Tivat. Tivat went from a not-so-interesting to a popular destination in Montenegro, but you can still experience local life here instead of being overwhelmed by tourists. It is a small place said to be named after queen Teuta. She was an Illyrian queen who ruled over a part of Montenegro. Her summer house, which she built for herself, was located in Tivat and this is where she fell back to when she got attacked by the Romans in 229 B.C. We will visit the clocktower, the medieval Buca family house, consisting out of five buildings, and go for a stroll over the long promenade that offers a lovely view. Porto Montenegro is another interesting spot in Tivat in the Bay of Kotor. The place is full of luxury yachts. We will return to Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the late afternoon, our tour of three countries will come to an end.

                Price: 920 Euros/person

Will be visited:

  • Church of St. James in Medjugorje
  • Statue of Our Lady in Medjugorje
  • Via Domini in Medjugorje
  • Stari Most bridge
  • Old Bazaar of Mostar
  • Blagaj monastery
  • Historical center of Cetinje
  • Cetinje monastery
  • Court Church on Cipur
  • Old neighborhood of Podgorica
  • Dajbabe monastery
  • Cathedral of Christ’s resurrection
  • Niagara waterfalls of Montenegro
  • Lake Skadar National Park
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Old historical center of Budva
  • Ivan church
  • The small church of St. Mary
  • The Citadel in Budva
  • San Giovanni fortress
  • Old Town of Kotor
  • Saint Tryphon cathedral
  • Saint Luke’s church
  • Kotor Serpentine roads
  • Rural village
  • Lovcen National Park
  • Medieval Buca family house
  • Promenade in Tivat
  • Clock tower in Tivat


Included in the price:

  • BB (Accommodation and Breakfast) for seven overnights
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transport provided by the company
  • Hotel pick up in Dubrovnik
  • Hotel drop off in Dubrovnik
  • Entry tickets for the ‘’will be visited’’ sites
  • Tourist taxes
  • International car insurance
  • Road taxes
  • Petrol

Not included:

  • Lunches, Dinners, Drinks & Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal spending
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the included

* Tips are not a must in Albania or the Balkans, however, our recommendation is to tip the tour guide/driver 5 – 6 Euros per day/person as an international practice to tip good service.

* Single Supplement: To guarantee tour departure even for one participant we require a single supplement of 600 Euros. If other participants join this tour, you will be refunded this full single supplement amount. We organize small groups up to 8 pax. Please contact us if you are a larger group of participants for a quotation.

* Please note that prices are calculated on triple or quadruples room occupancy. Double or single room occupancy is possible on extra charge.

* The Triple/Quadruple room occupancy means you might share the room with other travellers and/or the tour guide (whom could be males or females).

* Double room occupancy is possible on 10 Euros extra charge per night per person.

* Single room occupancy is possible on 20 Euros extra charge per night per person.

* Choose Balkans reserves the rights to add other participants in and during the tour program. If you are interested in a private tour please contact us for a quotation.

* On request this tour may also depart from other cities of Montenegro or neighbouring countries such as Albania, Macedonia or Kosovo. Please contact us for more information on the extra costs.

* All participants are responsible for having their own health/travel insurance.

* Please note that transaction and payment fees are on the sender (you in this case). We will notify you with a print screen of the amount received at our account as soon as we receive your down payment.

* Please note that Credit/Debit card payments are possible at our office in Tirana and apply a 5% bank commission.

* If you confirm to book this tour or any other service offered by Choose Balkans, via email/Facebook/WhatsApp/phone call or any other form of communication it means that you have read and agreed to the terms & conditions.

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