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Explore the youngest country of Europe: Kosovo tour in seven days

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Even though Kosovo might not be the first destination you think of, being the youngest country of Europe also means that there are still many areas left to be discovered! Visit the UNESCO world heritage cathedrals in Peja and Decan, admire the beautiful waterfalls in Mirusha and learn more about the Kosovo War on this 7-day tour of Kosovo.

* All participants are responsible for having their own health/travel insurance.

* Single Supplement: To guarantee tour departure even for one participant we require a single supplement of 972 Euros. If other participants join this tour, you will be refunded 50% of the single supplement amount and your room occupancy will be still private. We organize small groups up to 8 pax. Please contact us if you are a larger group of participants for a quotation.

* Please note that prices are calculated on double/twin/triple/quadruple room occupancy and 3 stars hotel accommodation.

* Single room occupancy is possible on 35 Euros extra charge per night per person.

* Hotel upgrade is possible on extra charge.

* Private tour is possible on extra on 120 Euros/person extra charge.

* Children Discounts: Age 0 – 1.99 Free of charge; Age 2+ full fare.

* Choose Balkans reserves the rights to add other participants in and during the tour program. If you are interested in a private tour, please contact us for a quotation.

* Tour’s schedule or itinerary may be affected/adopted due to; weather, Acts of God, labour strikes, bank holidays, site temporary closure/renovation or other external forces outside the Company’s control.

* On request this tour may also depart from other cities of Kosovo or neighbouring countries such as Albania, Kosovo, N. Macedonia or Montenegro. Please contact us for more information on the extra costs.

* Please note that Choose Balkans needs to receive the net (full) quoted amount. Transaction and payment fees are on the sender (you in this case). We will notify you with a print screen of the amount received at our account as soon as we receive your down payment.

* Please note that Credit/Debit card payments are possible at our office in Tirana and apply a 5% bank commission.

*If you confirm to book this tour or any other service offered by Choose Balkans, via email/Facebook/WhatsApp/phone call or any other form of communication it means that you have read and agreed to the terms & conditions.

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  • Gracanica monastery
  • Roman ruins Ulpiana
  • The Old Town in Prizren
  • The bazaar in Prizren
  • The castle in Prizren
  • The Archeological Museum and its tower in Prizren
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren
  • Prevalla National Park
  • Rahovec winery and vineyards
  • Mirusha waterfalls
  • Monastery of Decan
  • Old Bazaar in Gjakova
  • Clock Tower in Gjakova
  • Hadum mosque in Gjakova
  • Patriarchate of Peja
  • Old Bazaar in Peja
  • Rugova Valley
  • Prekaz memorial
  • New Bridge in Mitrovica
  • Xhamia e Zallit mosque in Mitrovica
  • The Miner’s monument in Mitrovica
  • Newborn monument in Pristina
  • Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa in Pristina
  • Kosovo National Library
  • Boulevard in Pristina
  • Skanderberg square in Pristina
  • Ethnographic museum in Pristina


Day 1 Pristina – Gracanica monastery– Ulpiana – Prizren
Day 1 Pristina – Gracanica monastery– Ulpiana – Prizren

Our professional tour guide will come and pick you up at your hotel in Pristina. The first destination of today is the Gracanica monastery. This monastery is seen as one of the most attractive ones in Kosovo. Inside of the church, you have to cover your knees and shoulders and women must wear a head scarf. You first enter the large chapel that has many medieval paintings. The smaller chapel is even more impressive with murals in bright colours. It is not allowed to take pictures inside, luckily the outside is just as picture-worthy.
After the monastery, our tour will continue to Ulpiana. You would probably not expect this in Kosovo, but the country has its own Roman Empire ruins. The ancient city of Ulpiana was an important centre of activity politically, economically and culturally. Many objects have been found on the site as well, such as sculptures of a woman’s head, a man’s head and a theatrical mask. You can still see the divisions between the different rooms and even a few stones are engraved with scriptures dating back to the Roman era.
Our final destination is Prizren. The city is considered to be the cultural capital of Kosovo, mixing its rich history, incredible nature, religious tolerance and gastronomic delights. Prizren has played an important role in the region as an Illyrian settlement and as a crossroad for the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, contributing to the unique architecture of the city. The river flows through the heart of the old town and under the many bridges that crisscross the city. The best way to explore the town is by wandering through the streets passing by elegant medieval houses that fight for your attention. Overnight in Prizren.

Day 2 Prizren – Prevalla National Park – Prizren
Day 2 Prizren – Prevalla National Park – Prizren

PAfter breakfast, we will move towards Prevalla National Park. The first thing we will see are the Sharr mountains that are getting more and more impressive as we get closer. The Lepenci River also begins in this mountainous terrain. The National Park is a popular ski location but also a beautiful place for a hike through amazing landscapes. This is what we will do, we will go for a hike once we arrive at the Prevalla village. After a day surrounded by the stunning Kosovar nature, we will return back to Prizren. Overnight in Prizren.

Day 3 Prizren – Rahovec – Mirusha waterfalls – Place near the waterfalls
Day 3 Prizren – Rahovec – Mirusha waterfalls – Place near the waterfalls

Today we will drive towards the west of Kosovo. Here we will bring a visit to a winery inside of a castle and the vineyards that stretch out to the horizon. They offer various wines to taste. The town of Rahovec is known for being important in Kosovo’s wine industry. They proudly display the tombstone of an Illyrian soldier, dating back to 28 B.C. The tombstone is covered with carvings in the shape of grapes, which would indicate the long history of wine in the region.

We will continue our tour to another natural wonder, the Mirusha waterfalls, standing out from all the other waterfalls in the Balkans. It is a famous site in the country consisting out of two separate waterfalls. The water has created canyons around the waterfalls, making the site even more impressive. When you visit the waterfalls in the winter, they might be frozen, which gives a spectacular look. During the summer, you can take a dive in the inviting waters! Overnight near the waterfalls.

Day 4 Place near the waterfalls – Decan – Gjakova
Day 4 Place near the waterfalls – Decan – Gjakova

Our destination for today is the city of Gjakova. On our way, we will make a stop at the Monastery of Decan. This one stands out for its white colour, but even more remarkable is the fact that Orthodox monks still inhabit the monastery and make fresh organic food there, such as cheeses. The monastery became part of UNESCO in 2004 because of its frescoes, which portray the lives of people during the 14th century as well as the Palaeologan renaissance that changed the way of Byzantine painting.
After this, we will arrive in Gjakova. The city has the oldest and largest bazaar of Kosovo. Even though, it got destroyed during the first Balkan wars, the second world war and the Kosovo war, the bazaar got rebuilt again to its old state and is a nice place to enjoy a meal or to take a look at the stores that sell traditional clothing and items. We will also visit the clock tower and the Hadum mosque. The latter was built in the 16th century and somehow managed to survive the wars. Nowadays it shows the beginning of Islamic architecture in the Balkans, covered in stunning arabesque decorations. Overnight in Gjakova.

Day 5 Gjakova – Peja – Rugova Valley
Day 5 Gjakova – Peja – Rugova Valley

Our journey continues towards Peja. The city has one cultural UNESCO heritage site, the Patriarchate of Peja, located near the entrance of the Rugova Valley. This medieval Orthodox Monastery was built in the 13th century, having four churches in a beautiful red colour. After visiting the monastery, we will wander through the characteristic Old Bazaar of the city.
From Peja, we will go to Rugova Valley. No matter what season it is, Rugova Valley looks beautiful during all of them. Waterfalls, rocks, small villages, lakes, caves and numerous mountains with high peaks is what makes this national park a must-see destination in Kosovo. We will go for a hike through the valley and drive through the Accursed Mountains. Overnight in Rugova Valley.

Day 6 Rugova Valley – Prekaz – Mitrovica
Day 6 Rugova Valley – Prekaz – Mitrovica

Today we will dive into some quite recent history of Kosovo, first by visiting the village of Prekaz. The Prekaz village memorial of the Jashari family includes a memorial ground, a museum and the house of the Adem Jashari family. You can still see the bullet holes in the original house and Adem Jashari is buried nearby. In 1998, the Serbian police force launched an attack that caused the lives of Adem Jashari and 50 family members. The deaths of the Jashari family sparked protests all around Kosovo. Nowadays, Adem Jashari is seen as the national hero and you will find his name and image throughout the country.
Our next destination is the city of Mitrovica in the north of Kosovo. This city is divided in two halves, one having an Albanian population and the other a Serbian population. When crossing the New Bridge, that divides the two parts, it looks as if you are arriving in a completely different city. We will bring a visit to the Xhamia e Zallit mosque, built in the Ottoman style, and the Saint Demetrius church, built in Orthodox style. In the distance, on top of a mountain, the Miner’s monument is visible, which was designed in 1973 in honour of the workers that died during the Second World War. Overnight in Mitrovica.

Day 7 Mitrovica – Pristina
Day 7 Mitrovica – Pristina

Our last destination of this tour will be the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. Here we will make a city tour. Not to be missed is the Newborn monument, symbol of their independence and being a young new country. We will also visit the Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa with its own clock tower. The National Library of Kosovo is a building that definitely stands out from the rest, consisting out of 73 white domes. The main boulevard in the capital, Sheshi Nena Tereza, is a nice street to stroll through and enjoy a delicious meal or coffee at one of the restaurants. Here we will also pass the Skanderberg square with the statue of Skanderberg himself, the national Albanian hero. We will visit the Old Bazaar in Pristina with nearby the ethnographic museum that shows the traditional Kosovar life. In the late afternoon, our tour of Kosovo will come to an end.


  • BB (Accommodation and Breakfast) for all overnights, in 3 stars hotels
  • Professional tour leader
  • Private transport provided by the company
  • Hotel pick up in Pristina
  • Hotel drop off in Pristina
  • Entry tickets for the ‘’will be visited’’ sites
  • Tourist taxes
  • International car insurance
  • Road taxes
  • Petrol
  • Lunches, Dinners, Drinks & Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal spending
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the included
  • * Tips are not a must in Albania or the Balkans, however, our recommendation is to tip the tour leader/driver as an international practice to tip good service.

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