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Visit ten UNESCO world heritage sites (Dubrovnik, Mostar, Kotor, Decan Monastery, Our Lady of Ljevis, Ohrid, Berat, Gjirokaster, Meteora, Athens), be amazed by the amazing mountain formations in Kalabaka, and walk through the narrowed streets in the Stone city Gjirokaster. This small group tour explores some of the most important destinations in each of the seven Balkan countries. You will be captured by the unique experience and lively Mediterranean vibe. 

* Single Supplement: To guarantee tour departure even for one participant we require a single supplement of 2079 Euros. If other participants join this tour, you will be refunded 50% of the single supplement amount and your room occupancy will be still private. We organize small groups up to 8 pax. Please contact us if you are a larger group of participants for a quotation.

* Please note that prices are calculated on double/twin/triple room occupancy and 3 stars hotel accommodation.

* Hotel upgrade is possible on extra charge.

* Single room occupancy is possible on 30 Euros extra charge per night per person.

* All participants are responsible for having their own health/travel insurance.

* Children Discounts: Age 0 – 2.99 Free of charge; Age 3 – 7.99 discount of 50%; Age 8 – 11.99 discount of 30%, Age 12+ full fare.

* Choose Balkans reserves the rights to add other participants in and during the tour program. If you are interested in a private tour, please contact us for a quotation.

* On request this tour may also depart from other cities of Croatia or neighbouring countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro or Kosovo. Please contact us for more information on the extra costs.

* Please note that transaction and payment fees are on the sender (you in this case). We will notify you with a print screen of the amount received at our account as soon as we receive your down payment.

* Please note that Credit/Debit card payments are possible at our office in Tirana and apply a 5% bank commission.

* If you confirm to book this tour or any other service offered by Choose Balkans, via email/Facebook/WhatsApp/phone call or any other form of communication it means that you have read and agreed to the terms & conditions.

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  • Loggia square in Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik cathedral and treasury
  • Old Town in Dubrovnik
  • Blagaj monastery
  • Old Bazaar of Mostar
  • Stari Most bridge
  • Via Domini in Medjugorje
  • Statue of Our Lady in Medjugorje
  • Church of St. James in Medjugorje
  • Saint Luke’s church in Kotor
  • Saint Tryphon cathedral in Kotor
  • Old Town of Kotor
  • San Giovanni fortress in Kotor
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Monastery of Decan
  • Patriarchate of Peja
  • Old Bazaar in Peja
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren
  • The Church of Our Lady Ljevis in Prizren
  • The Archeological Museum and its tower in Prizren
  • The castle in Prizren
  • The bazaar in Prizren
  • The Old Town in Prizren
  • Samoils Fortress Ohrid
  • Church of St. John at Kaneo
  • Mosque Halveti Hayati Tekke in Ohrid
  • Ohrid bazaar and shopping area
  • The ruins of Ohrid Amphitheater
  • Skanderbeg square in Tirana
  • Clock tower in Tirana
  • Bunk’Art in Tirana
  • The Etnographic Museum OR Skanderbeg Museum in Kruja
  • Dollmës Tekke in Kruja
  • Kruja castle
  • Fortress of Berat
  • Mangalem neighbourhood and Gorica neighbourhood in Berat
  • “Ura e Gorrices” – Gorrica Bridge in Berat
  • Xhamia e Beqarit – Bachelor’s Mosque in Berat
  • The Onufri Museum OR Ethnographic Museum in Berat
  • The fortress in Gjirokastra (Kalaja e Gjirokastres)
  • Zekate House
  • The old city of Gjirokastra
  • Medieval bazaar in Gjirokastra
  • Meteora in Kalabaka
  • Monasteries of Meteora
  • The Acropolis in Athens
  • Parthenon in Athens
  • Agora-Athens Central Market
  • The Plaka neighborhood in Athens

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Day 1 Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Day 1 Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Our tour guide will come and pick you up at your hotel in Dubrovnik. We will begin this amazing journey with a city tour of Dubrovnik. The city used to compete with Venice as a trading port, having huge strong city walls that were built between the 11th and 17th century. Nowadays the city is more famous for being the setting of Game of Thrones, more specifically the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing! This is said to be the world’s best-preserved medieval city, reason enough for it to be an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. The city is also full of markets, bazaars, cafes, bars and restaurants creating a pleasant atmosphere. After the city tour of Dubrovnik, we will cross the border to Bosnia & Herzegovina. Overnight in Mostar.

Day 2 Day Tour of Mostar
Day 2 Day Tour of Mostar

In Mostar we will visit the iconic Old Bridge also known as Stari Most, part of UNESCO world heritage and built in a typical Islamic architectural style in the 16th century. We will also wander through the Old Bazaar with its colourful streets and lively atmosphere. The city has stones with “Don’t Forget” all around the city, commemorating the city’s history. Mostar combines the old with the new, which you will notice while wandering through the streets. We will also visit the Blagaj monastery, a little bit outside of the city, on the foot of a cliff with beautiful blue waters in front of it. Free afternoon in Mostar. Overnight in Mostar.

Day 3 Mostar – Medjugorje – Kotor ((Montenegro)
Day 3 Mostar – Medjugorje – Kotor ((Montenegro)

Our destination for today is the village of Medjugorje a holly destination visited by many pilgrims from different religions. The church of St. James is the symbol of this village, with its two towers and at the entrance the Statue of Our Lady. The name of the place, Medjurgorje, means "between mountains" and is located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will also visit the Via Domini, meaning “The Way of the Lord”. The Via Domini is a pathway existing out of mosaics that represent the story of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, illustrating the life of Jesus. Our final destination for today will be Kotor, Montenegro. Overnight in Kotor.

Day 4 Day Tour of Kotor
Day 4 Day Tour of Kotor

Kotor is a UNESCO world heritage site. We will wander through the maze of narrow, cobblestone streets crisscrossing the old town. This street plan seems quite chaotic, but it was created this way on purpose. The intention was to confuse intruders who came to plunder the town, while nowadays it characterizes the city. Many of the old buildings and churches have small plaques on it with their dates of construction and original use. We will stop at the Saint Tryphon cathedral, which is one of the only two Roman cathedrals in the city. The Saint Tryphon relics are kept inside the cathedral. Yet, these relics were destined to arrive in Dubrovnik but ended up in Kotor. Next to the Saint Tryphon cathedral, the Saint Luke’s church can easily be missed as it is a lot smaller, but of great significance for the locals because it represents unity to them. We will also walk to the San Giovanni fortress from which we will have an amazing view over the city. On our way to the top, we will pass by ruins of military buildings and a church from the 15th century. Overnight in Kotor.

Day 5 Kotor – Budva – Sveti Stefan – Prizren (Kosovo)
Day 5 Kotor – Budva – Sveti Stefan – Prizren (Kosovo)

From Montenegro, we will cross the border to Albania then to Kosovo. Our first stop will be Budva, a popular tourist destination, famous for its beaches, gorgeous nature and old characteristic buildings. The city is separated between an old and new part. On the one hand, in the New Budva, there are many modern buildings, offices, shopping malls, restaurants and bars. On the other hand, in the Old Budva, there is the historical center. We will drive pass the beautiful riviera until we reach Sveti Stefan, historically a fishing town on a small island near the coast. However, nowadays it is not possible to visit the island anymore as it has turned into a five-star resort. Even while standing on the coast, Sveti Stefan is a sight for sore eyes – worthy of a picture. Our tour continues towards Prizren. Overnight in Prizren.

Day 6 Prizren – Decan – Peja - Prizren
Day 6 Prizren – Decan – Peja - Prizren

Our first destination will be the Monastery of Decan. This one stands out for its white colour, but even more remarkable is the fact that Orthodox monks still inhabit the monastery and make fresh organic food there, such as cheeses. The monastery became part of UNESCO in 2004 because of its frescoes, which portray the lives of people during the 14th century as well as the Palaeologan renaissance that changed the way of Byzantine painting. Our second destination for today is Peja. The city has one cultural UNESCO heritage site, the Patriarchate of Peja, located near the entrance of the Rugova Valley. This medieval Orthodox Monastery was built in the 13th century, having four churches in a beautiful red colour. After visiting the monastery, we will wander through the characteristic Old Bazaar of the city. Overnight in Prizren.

Day 7 Prizren – Ohrid (N. Macedonia)
Day 7 Prizren – Ohrid (N. Macedonia)

Prizren is considered as the cultural capital of Kosovo, mixing its rich history, incredible nature, religious tolerance and gastronomic delights. The city has played an important role in the region as an Illyrian settlement and a crossroad for the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, contributing to the unique architecture of the city. The river flows through the heart of the old town and under the many bridges that crisscross the city. If you are looking to experience a lively international experience you should visit Prizren during August when the medieval city becomes home to one of the most famous short film festivals in the world named Dokufest. The best way to explore the town is by wandering through the streets passing by elegant medieval houses that fight for your attention. Filigree artisanal techniques for precious metals are Prizren’s joy and pride. Don’t miss the unique experience of shopping in one of the many filigree shops of the town, where you are welcomed to also see the metalsmithing magic happen. Did you know that The Church of Our Lady of Ljevis is a UNESCO World Heritage site? If you have to choose just one mosque to visit then visit the Sinan Pasha Mosque, rich in arabesque colour and pattern. The view from the fortress on the hill above the town offers a great panorama of this astonishing town. We will drive towards the border of N. Macedonia. Overnight in Ohrid.

Day 8 Day Tour of Ohrid
Day 8 Day Tour of Ohrid

This city is one of the most seductive destinations in N. Macedonia, indicated also as one of the oldest human settlements in all of Europe. Ohrid city and Ohrid Lake are part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1980. Ohrid Lake and its surroundings were inhabited by the Illyrian Tribe of Enkeleys. The city became an important centre for the Orthodox believers during the Byzantine Empire and is famous for its 365 Orthodox churches, said to have one church for each day of the year. After lunch, we will continue our visit of Ohrid. The houses were built with a very specific architecture that created narrowed streets, tunnels and tiny yards on the hilly terrain, making it possible for every house to have a good view of the lake. Overnight in Ohrid.

Day 9 Ohrid - Tirana (Albania)
Day 9 Ohrid - Tirana (Albania)

Our next destination after breakfast is Tirana. We will start our adventure by discovering Tirana, the capital of Albania. Colorful, lively, vibrant, dynamic, 24/7 and crazy nightlife - these are some of the words that better describe this city where the communist and capitalist-era buildings battle on a daily basis. Tirana offers a great combination of very interesting museums, historic sites, national parks, mountains and Ottoman, Italian and communist style architecture all clashing with each other, but offering a great pleasure to wander through. Not to be missed is Tirana’s delicious food varieties, from the tasty and cheap street food to the finest gourmet options. BUNKART is one of the most interesting museums in Tirana. Initially designed as a nuclear bunker offering shelter to the Albanian communist supreme leader Enver Hoxha and his close party members during the cold war. The bunker was hidden to the general public until 2014, when the Albanian government decided to initiate an interesting project that converted the nuclear bunker into a museum. BUNKART is video museum exhibition dedicated to the history of the Albanian communist army and to the daily lives of Albanians during the regime. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 10 Tirana – Kruja - Tirana
Day 10 Tirana – Kruja - Tirana

Today we will head Kruja, a historical city symbol of the Albanian resistance against the expansion of the Ottoman Empire during the XV century. Kruja is situated in central Albania on a rocky mountainous terrain about 560 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Sarisalltik Mountain. Walking through Kruja’s Medieval Old Bazaar (one of the biggest and oldest in Balkans) gives you a sense of a passage through the history. The castle of Kruja (built during the 5th century A.D.) is strategically placed on the top of a rocky hill, making it difficult for the enemies to attack. Our local guide will take you through some hidden paths, used by the locals to leave the castle without being noticed during periods when the enemies surrounded the castle. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 11 Tirana– Berat – Gjirokaster
Day 11 Tirana– Berat – Gjirokaster

Our next destination will be Berat, known as the city of 1001 windows and part of UNESCO world heritage. Walking through the narrow stone streets offers a fantastic view of the medieval old houses with windows that seem to stand on top of each other. Berat has it all; a beautiful medieval castle, ancient churches and mosques, a lively lower town consisting of grand old houses draped on steep hillsides, an old stone bridge, great museums and remains from the communism era in Albania. Berat is also known as the birthplace of Onufri, the famous painter of churches all-over the Balkans, distinguished for creating a specific reddish colour still difficult to imitate. Before going back to Tirana, you will have some free time to enjoy a delicious lunch and wander through the city by yourself. Overnight in Gjirokastra.

Day 12 Day Tour of Gjirokastra
Day 12 Day Tour of Gjirokastra

Gjirokaster, also known as “The Stone City”, part of UNESCO World heritage is situated in Southern Albania on the eastern side of mountain “Mali i Gjere”. Gjirokastra resembles a fortified city where every single house is like a small fortress. The origin of the city starts with the castle of Gjirokastra, built in IV century A.D., and is considered as one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Balkans. Every five years Gjirokastra becomes the capital of the Albanian folklore and traditional music, where passionate folklore ensembles gather in the “stone city” and perform their traditional music, dances and show off their costumes. Right before entering the castle of Gjirokastra you would have to pass by the medieval bazar. The atmospheric old town cascading down in graceful hill crammed with beautiful narrowed stone decorated streets, where you will be amazed by the wide variety of handmade crafts from local artisans and producers. Overnight in Gjirokastra.

Day 13 Gjirokaster – Kalbaka (Greece)
Day 13 Gjirokaster – Kalbaka (Greece)

From Gjirokastra, we will cross the border towards Greece, more specifically the town of Kalabaka. Here we will bring a visit to Meteora, also part of UNESCO world heritage and constructed in the 14th – 15th century. The monasteries are built on top of the spectacular rock formations, creating a beautiful and impressive sight. The surrounding rocks are oddly shaped, which makes it a landscape that cannot be found anywhere else. The town also has lots to offer. Walking through the cobblestone lanes, surrounded by two of Meteora’s rock formations, is an experience in itself. We will visit the Church of Assumptions, dating back to the 11th century. Some marble stones in the church used to be part of an Ancient Greek temple. The local food is also delicious, with mushrooms as the main ingredient but also yoghurt, cheese and honey on the menu. Overnight in Kalabaka.

Day 14 Kalabaka – Athens
Day 14 Kalabaka – Athens

Athens, our final destination for this tour, the capital of Greece and also said to be the cultural capital of Europe. The city is modern, touristic, charming and full of fascinating history. One place that can’t be missed here is, of course, the Parthenon temple on the Acropolis, which is part of UNESCO. It was built in the 5th century B.C. and has had a huge effect on the way people think about architecture, even to this day. The temple was dedicated to the goddess of Athena. The Agora-Athens central market is probably not one of the first things you think about to visit in Athens, but it is a fascinating sight with delicious food all over the place and located between the two most interesting streets in the city. We will also walk through the oldest neighborhood in Athens, the Plaka area, which feels like a village hidden in the large metropolitan city. The city tour of Athens remarks the end of this amazing tour through the highlights of these 7 amazing West Balkan Countries.


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  • Tourist taxes
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  • Lunches, Dinners, Drinks & Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal spending
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the included
  • * Tips are not a must in Albania or the Balkans, however, our recommendation is to tip the tour guide/driver 5 – 6 Euros per day/person as an international practice to tip good service.

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