Europe’s last secret - A 7 Days Tour

This 7 days tour program is tailored to offer its participants the best combination of historical sites of Albania and Kosovo, with some of the best natural parks and the culture of these two Balkan countries. During these 7 days you will be able to visit most of the main tourist attractions of Albania.

Day 1
After your arrival at Tirana airport we start our journey toward Northern Albania. On our way to Shkodra we will visit the historic city Kruja, its medieval castle and the Scanderbeg National Museum. Overnight in Shkodra, where we visit Rosafa castle, and the medieval “pedonale”.

Day 2
We continue our trip on a river ferry and enjoy the astonishing views of the Koman Lake, through the Albanian Alps. At lunchtime we will be in Bajram Curri and then toward Peja (Kosovo).

Day 3
We will visit the monastery of the Patriarch of Peja, the mausoleum of the Serbian Patriarch and the monastery of Decan, which is the first monument in Kosovo territory recorded in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Latter we will visit the old town of Prizren, which is characterized by typical buildings of Kosovars’ aristocracy during the Middle Ages. We will also visit the House of “The Albanian League of Prizren” held in1877. Our final destination will be the capital of Albania Tirana with its intense nightlife, bars, clubs and restaurants. Overnight at seaside at Durres.

Day 4
Aftes visiting the Museum and the amphitheater of Durres, our journey continues toward Berat. On our way we visit the monastery of Ardenica built in 1282. The historical town of Berat is also known as the city of the 1001 windows. Berat is an Albanian museum city also part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Day 5
We visit the ruins of the ancient city, Apollonia with its beautiful Facade, the Odeon Theater, the Church of Saint Mary, the nymphaeum (monumental fountains) the ancient statues of Illyrian times and mosaics. Our tour continues to the beautiful city of Vlora, formerly known as Aulona. Vlora has an astonishing view of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, with palm trees, sandy and rocky beaches. We will also visit the Museum of the independence.

Day 6
Drive along the coast of the Ionian Sea, also known as Albanian Riviera. After a short visit in Orikumi, founded in III century B.C we stop in Dhermiu, a large village with about 30 old picturesque churches settled on a rough mountainous terrain. Then we will shortly rest at the bay of Porto Palermo, with its beautiful castle of Ali Pasha. In the evening we take a city tour of Saranda, including the synagogue and Lekursi castle. On the ruins of the old castle there is a bar with a breathtaking view of Saranda and Corfu Island.

Day 7
We pay our first visit to the ruins of the ancient city Butrinti, part of the UNESCO world heritage. Butrinti is the most important archaeological site in Albania. On our way to Gjirokastra we will visit the natural wonder of Blue Eye. Gjirokastra, is part of the UNESCO world heritage, with its great castle of Argjiroja and the weaponry Museum within the castle. We drive back to port of Saranda, where you will get on the ferry to Corfu.

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