Renting a car in Albania is possible in most of the bigger cities of the country. In general prices are fair and they have a small increase during the summer season (June – September). In general most of the companies, especially in Tirana have new, modern cars and they are professional in their service.

Renting a car for doing a round trip  in southern part of Albania, Riviera and historical sites (Berat, Gjirokastra etc..)  works perfectly. You have no time schedule and you can visit the places you want. Sometimes traffic is to busy and in some specific days roads are packed.

Tirana is also a difficult city to manage in traffic. Sometimes it is messy and chaotic.

Some of the main questions from our guests are :

Is it safe to drive in Albania? Is safe park in Tirana ?

Our main answer is YES. Parking and driving in Tirana and in all Albania is safe .

Also regarding’s Insurance, Albanian low include 90% insurance. This means that the interiors of your car, key loosing or tiers are not included in the insurance. Also passing the Albanian border in most of the time is not included by the company who rent cars. This also have exclusions. For a good deal in renting car you can have a look at our list .

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Using your rented car in the Albanian North is not a good idea sometimes. Most well known natural sites to visit in Albanian North, Valbona and Theth have a remote infrastructure and difficult roads to drive into. In the last kilometres before reaching Theth is a M