Saranda is one of the most enchanting destinations in Albania, a coastal town nestled along the Ionian Sea. If you’re planning a trip from Tirana to Saranda, there are several routes and methods to consider. Embark on a transfer from Tirana to Saranda, explore public transport options or opt for a private shuttle for a stress-free trip

Route Options: How to Travel form Tirana to Saranda

  1. Scenic Routes via Albanian Riviera

The Scenic Drive via Riviera and Llogara Pass: For travelers who appreciate breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes, the route through the Riviera and Llogara Pass is a must. This journey takes you along the stunning Albanian Riviera, where you’ll pass through charming coastal towns and villages. Make sure to stop and capture the beauty of places along the way such as: The Llogara Pass, Himara etc.

  1. Via Gjirokaster and Blue Eye:

Another scenic route to consider is through the UNESCO site of Gjirokaster and the natural wander of  Blue Eye. This route allows you to immerse yourself in Albania’s natural beauty and cultural heritage before reaching Saranda.

  1. The Fastest Drive through Kardhiq Tunnel:

If you’re short on time or prefer a quicker route, the drive through the Kardhiq Tunnel offers the fastest option to reach Saranda from Tirana, taking approximately 4h. While this route may not be as scenic as the others, it’s ideal for travelers who prioritize efficiency and convenience.

Transportation Options: How to Get There

  1. Via Public Transport – Buses:

Traveling by bus is a convenient and affordable option for getting from Tirana to Saranda. The ticket costs around 16 euros/one way and is payable by cash on arrival, prebooking is not possible. Buses depart from Tirana to Saranda three times a day from the “North and South Bus Terminal”. The departure times are in the morning around 9:00 AM, in the afternoon around 4:00 PM, and in the evening around 10:00 PM.

  1. Via Direct Transfer:

If you are more than 2 travelers, it is recommended to book a private shuttle from Tirana which will relieve you from timetable stress so that you can relax along the journey.

Private Transfer:

  1. Day Tour of Blue Eye, Ksamil, Saranda:

If you’re looking to explore the highlights of southern Albania in a single day, consider joining a guided day tour. By joining a day tour, you can sit back, relax, and let experienced guides take care of the logistics while you soak in the beauty of the Albanian Riviera. This option, will double up as a transfer to Saranda as well as a tour on top.