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Peaks of the Balkans tour in 10 days

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10 Days

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The Peaks of the Balkans are a collection of beautiful and spectacular mountains shared between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. In 10 days, you will cross the border multiple times, go from one extraordinary landscape to the other and experience life away from civilization. An adventure exploring some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world!

* All participants are responsible for having their own health/travel insurance.

* Single Supplement: To guarantee tour departure even for one participant we require a single supplement of 1197Euros. If other participants join this tour, you will be refunded 50% of the single supplement amount and your room occupancy will be still private. We organize small groups up to 8 pax. Please contact us if you are a larger group of participants for a quotation.

* This tour requires some hiking experience and good physical condition.

* Mule or horse caravan, to carry heavy luggage, is available on request with an extra charge of 90 Euros per horse/mule/day. A horse can carry between 30 – 35 kg.

* The company reserves the right to run this tour under the same conditions with the inverse itinerary.

* Please note that prices are calculated on double/twin/triple/quadruple room occupancy in traditional guesthouses

* Single room occupancy is possible on 35 Euros extra charge per night per person in traditional guesthouses

* Hotel upgrade, when possible on extra charge.

* Private tour is possible on extra on 200 Euros/person extra charge.

* Suitable age 12+.

* Choose Balkans reserves the rights to add other participants in and during the tour program. If you are interested in a private tour, please contact us for a quotation.

* Tour’s schedule or itinerary may be affected/adopted due to; weather, Acts of God, labour strikes, bank holidays, site temporary closure/renovation or other external forces outside the Company’s control.

* On request this tour may also depart from other cities of Albania or neighboring countries such as Kosovo, Montenegro or N. Macedonia. Please contact us for more information on the extra costs.

* Please note that Choose Balkans needs to receive the net (full) quoted amount. Transaction and payment fees are on the sender (you in this case). We will notify you with a print screen of the amount received at our account as soon as we receive your down payment.

* Please note that Credit/Debit card payments are possible at our office in Tirana and apply a 5% bank commission.

* If you confirm to book this tour or any other service offered by Choose Balkans, via Choose Balkans official channels; email/facebook/whatsapp/phonecall or any other form of communication it means that you have read and agreed to the terms &conditions.

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  • Tamarë
  • Ujevara e Sllapit
  • Lëpushë
  • Maja e Berizhdolit
  • Talijanka peak
  • Vuthaj
  • Arapi Peak
  • Theth
  • The Old Church of Theth
  • ‘’Lock in’’ Tower in Theth
  • Blue Eye Theth
  • Valbona Pass
  • Valbona Valley National Park
  • Cerem
  • Doberdol
  • Gjeravica peak
  • Junik
  • Gjakova
  • Old Bazaar in Gjakova


Day 1 Tirana – Shkoder – Tamarë – Lëpushë
Day 1 Tirana – Shkoder – Tamarë – Lëpushë

Our tour leader will come and pick you up at your hotel in Tirana at 6:00 am. We will drive towards Tamarë in North Albania and pass by the city of Shkoder. From Tamarë, we will begin our hiking adventure of the Peaks of the Balkans. The Peaks of the Balkans are part of the Dinaric Alps that start all the way in Slovenia and end in the southeast of Albania. The Albanian Alps are even the highest section of the Dinaric Alps. We will get to explore them in the days to come.
We will drive a bit further from Tamarë until we reach the beginning of the Ujvara e Sllapit trail, which will be a 3-hour hike. On the way, you might be the lucky one to see a beautiful 70 meters high waterfall, because it should have rained that season in order for this waterfall to appear! The crystal-clear water comes from the top of the mountain and is drinkable.

Later that day, we will arrive in the small village of Lëpushë, known for its stunning nature and for us a great resting point after an exciting first day. The name Lëpushë refers to the yellow flower that you can find there in the spring season. Before ending this day, we will have some time left to walk and explore the area, in the far-reaching meadow landscapes. In the North of Albania, they are known for many delicious bio-dishes with products from the region. Their culinary is unique, tasty and can only be found in these areas. You will have the chance to try these during the tour. Overnight in a guest house in Lëpushë.

Distance: 3.5 km
Elevation: 868 m
Technical difficulty: Easy
Time: 3h hike
Trail type: Loop

Day 2 Lëpushë – Maja E Berishdolit – Lëpushë
Day 2 Lëpushë – Maja E Berishdolit – Lëpushë

Today we will hike to Maja e Berizhdolit (1977 meters above sea level) in the Albanian Alps, also called the Accursed Mountains. This is a beautiful trek that passes water springs and has a rewarding view from the top. The spectacular rocky formation of mountains is covered in snow on one side while the other side has almost no vegetation. The hike is about 6 hours including breaks, which are fascinating when you are surrounded by these mountains. After soaking in the spectacular sight, we will head back to Lëpushë. Overnight in a guest house in Lëpushë.

Distance: 10 km
Elevation gain: 900 m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Time: 5-6 h
Trail type: Loop

Day 3 Lëpushë – Talijanka Peak – Vuthaj (Montenegro)
Day 3 Lëpushë – Talijanka Peak – Vuthaj (Montenegro)

Our destination for today is Vuthaj, but first we will hike to the Talijanka peak. Here we will cross the border from Albania to Montenegro. Mount Talijanka itself is located in Grbaje Valley in Montenegro. This valley is U-shaped and surrounded by the grey sharp mountain peaks. The Talijanka peak is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Balkan Peaks. The view of dramatic grey extraordinary-shaped mountains is a sight that even the professional hiker will be amazed by. From this peak, you can also see Lake Plav in Montenegro. We will take a minivan for the last 40 minutes to Vuthaj in Montenegro. In Vuthaj you will have the opportunity to visit the Ali Pasha springs, which is about a 40 – minute walk from the guest house, or you can reminisce on the spectacular views you have seen today. Overnight in a guest house in Vuthaj.

Distance: 12 km
Elevation gain: 1100 m
Technical difficulty: Difficult
Time: 6h hike
Trail type: one way

Day 4 Vuthaj – Arapi Peak - Theth (Albania)
Day 4 Vuthaj – Arapi Peak - Theth (Albania)

From Vuthaj, we will head towards Theth and cross the border back to Albania. During this trek, we will visit a hidden water place which is difficult to find by yourself if you don’t know the exact location.
We will also pass by one of the highest peaks of the Balkans, the Arapi peak (2217m above sea level) next to Jezerca Peak (2694 m above sea level). We will come across multiple shepherd’s huts, in the Albanian Alps which show the way of life away from civilization. In Theth, we will visit the Old Church and the “Lock in” Tower (symbol of Theth). The stories behind these buildings take up centuries full of history. Overnight in a guest house in Theth.

Distance: 18 km
Elevation gain:1150m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Time: 8h
Trail type: one way

Day 5 Theth – Blue Eye – Theth
Day 5 Theth – Blue Eye – Theth

A famous saying in Albania is “one who has seen Theth, has a reason to live’’ (Gjergj Fishta) and today we will see another beautiful phenomenon that supports his saying. Our hiking tour of Theth continues to the natural wonder so-called the “Blue Eye of Theth”. The hike takes 4 hours to get there and 3.5 hours back to Theth. The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of the rocks by the water that descends from melting snow of the Albanian Alps. The pool of blue water gets its water from a small waterfall, which makes the picture complete. You will not be able to take your eyes off this iridescent glow of green and blue colours of this marvel of nature, inviting you to dive in. Overnight in a guesthouse in Theth.

Distance: 20 km
Elevation gain: 450 m
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 8h
Trail type: Loop

Day 6 Theth – Valbona Pass - Valbona
Day 6 Theth – Valbona Pass - Valbona

Trekking to Valbona from Theth will be an intense day as the walk takes about 6 to 8 hours in a remote terrain, nevertheless unquestionably worthy! The route used to be an old mule trail and goes through a landscape full of impressive mountains. At one point, you will see the Theth valley on one side and Valbona valley on the other side. The Valbona pass also offers a spectacular view of the Balkan Peaks and “Bjeshket e Nemuna” or the Accursed Mountains. “Bjeshket e Nemuna” is a national park in Gjakova and Peja in Kosovo, near the borders with Albania and Montenegro. On our way, we will walk through some beautiful landscapes and wild forests. We might even see some shepherd’s passing by with their flock. When reaching the top of the Valbona Pass, you will experience a serious shot of adrenaline. Overnight in a guesthouse in Valbona.

Distance: 12.16 km
Elevation gain: 1050m
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 6 -8h
Trail type: one way

Day 7 Valbona – Cerem
Day 7 Valbona – Cerem

Our next destination on our Peaks of the Balkans tour is Cerem. On our hike, we will pass through forests and meadows. We will arrive in an area that looks like a canyon and the only place that still has snow, even during the summer. You will have the option to hike to the highest peak of Montenegro, Zla Kolate peak, which will add another 3 hours of hiking (10 hours in total). Another magnificent element that we cross during our hike is a stone surface on the side of a mountain that looks like the face of a miserable old man. We will also pass a cave with an extremely cold wind along the trail of which no one knows the exit. So, all in all, there is definitely enough extraordinary things to see during the hike, besides the mountains. We will arrive at the shepherd’s huts in Cerem, which is located high in the mountains, 1300m above sea level. There is no connection to civilization from here, because they have no Wi-Fi and no electricity. However, the delicious food and hospitality of the people make up for the basic facilities. Overnight in a shepherd’s hut in Cerem.

Distance: 20km
Elevation gain: 1150 m
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 7h 30min
Trail type: one way

Day 8 Cerem - Doberdol
Day 8 Cerem - Doberdol

From Cerem, we will hike towards Doberdol following a mule track. On our way, we will cross the border to Montenegro for about two hours. The hike brings us through pine forests and you can find all kinds of berries, such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (depending on the season). We will also pass the only National Reserve in Albania, which has brown bears and the last population of approximately 40 lynxes in the Balkans. It is a beautiful trail with the highest point being 2100 meters above sea level. We will have a chance to enjoy a nice coffee or other drink at some of the shepherd’s hut villages. These villages are only populated during the summer by shepherds. Doberdol, our destination for today, is about 1800m above sea level and this is where we will have another overnight in a shepherd’s hut. The village is beautiful and we can choose from different food options made from ingredients out of the region. The beds, however, are definitely not hotel beds, just matrasses and the conditions are basic. Yet again, the locals are very welcoming, the food is delicious and it will be a great once-in-a-lifetime experience. Overnight in a shepherd’s hut in Doberdol.

Distance: 15 km
Elevation: 1025m
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 6h 30min
Trail type: one way

Day 9 Doberdol – Gjeravica (Kosovo) – Junik – Gjakove
Day 9 Doberdol – Gjeravica (Kosovo) – Junik – Gjakove

Today we will head towards civilization, but not before we hike to the highest peak of Kosovo, Gjeravica. It is also the second highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps). From the top, you will see the Accursed Mountains on one side and the Sharr Mountains on the other. You will have the opportunity to swim in three different lakes, formed by the alpine and glacier waters. One of the lakes really stands out as it is heart-shaped. We will arrive in Junik, a town in western Kosovo. From Junik onward, we will have to go by 4x4 wheel drive to Gjakova. Overnight in a hotel in Gjakova

Distance: 14 km
Elevation: 700 m
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 6 h
Trail type: one way

Day 10: Gjakova – Tirana (Albania)
Day 10: Gjakova – Tirana (Albania)

short city tour of Gjakova. The city has the oldest and largest bazaar of Kosovo. Even though, it got destroyed during the first Balkan wars, the second world war and the Kosovo war, the bazaar got rebuilt again to its old state and is a nice place to enjoy a meal or to take a look at the stores that sell traditional clothing and items. We will also visit the clock tower and the Hadum mosque. The latter was built in the 16th century and somehow managed to survive the wars. Nowadays it shows the beginning of Islamic architecture in the Balkans, covered in stunning arabesque decorations. The transfer back to Tirana (Albania) remarks the end of this fairy trail.


  • BB (Accommodation and Breakfast) for all overnights
  • 6 overnights in a guest house
  • 2 overnights in a shepherd’s hut
  • 1 overnight in a hotel after the last hiking day
  • Professional tour leader
  • Transport provided by the company
  • Cross Border Pass
  • Transport by 4x4 wheel drive from Junik to Gjakova
  • Hotel pick up in Tirana/Podgorica
  • Hotel drop off in Tirana/Podgorica/Pristina
  • Entry tickets for the ‘’will be visited’’ sites
  • Tourist taxes
  • Road taxes
  • International car insurance
  • Petrol
  • Lunches, Dinners, Drinks & Snacks
  • One meal costs about 8 - 10 euros
  • At every accommodation there are limited food options to buy for the next hike (bread, cheese, yoghurt, meat, vegetables and honey)
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal spending
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the included
  • * Tips are not a must in Albania or the Balkans, however, our recommendation is to tip the tour leader/driver as an international practice to tip good service.

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