My first introduction to the Balkans.

The first time I set foot in the Balkans was in 2006. It was one of my first foreign trips with friends, we were supposed to go to Croatia but in the end we were forced to stay in Slovenia. The reason why we didn’t continue our trip to Croatia is a whole other story!

In 2006 Slovenia wasn’t very popular amongst most tourists and therefore nature and tourist attractions were pretty much unspoiled. Even though Slovenia is only partially located in the Balkans, I think this trip really triggered me to go back again a few years later.

Now, almost 15 years later I’ve been to the Balkans on 5 different occasions with the highlight being Albania during summer 2019.

Hospitality is amazing in the Balkans!

Only in the Balkans a stranger would ask you into their house and start spoiling you with rakia and lots of food without accepting anything in return.

I remember we were hiking up a mountain in Kotor – Montenegro where all of a sudden we saw a small family-run bar. We went in for some refreshing drinks, the owner didn’t speak a word of English but after being there for about 15 minutes he arrived with his bottle of homemade rakia.

This kind of hospitality you only find in the Balkans!

Nature is beautiful in the Balkans!

Another main reason I keep going back is because of the beautiful nature. Endless mountain views and beautiful beaches are not an exception.

In Albania for example you can find beaches where you would be practically alone during high season. OK, I admit some of these are difficult to access but getting there is part of the adventure and a difficult road makes the destination even more rewarding, right?

Prices are low in the Balkans!

This isn’t true for all Balkan countries but in general prices are much lower for restaurants and hotels. If you want to enjoy these lower prices I would suggest to not wait too long to visit because this might change very soon.

Why should you go to the Balkans?
People are amazing, nature is beautiful and prices are on the low end. Don’t wait too long because I can’t guarantee that in 10 years the above mentioned statements will still be true!

I fell in love with the Balkans and I’m sure you will do too!

Written by Tim Tense, a belgian videographer / photographer